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Gemini is on sale!

Gemini is on sale!


Cass Manning is a serial monogamist, grad student, and identical twin to Paul, a drug-addicted prostitute. Fleeing his unfaithful boyfriend, Cass returns to Houston after years away only to be drawn into danger before he’s out of the airport.

When Paul dies under suspicious circumstances, Cass must rely on one of Paul’s clients, Kilo, a mercenary willing to protect Cass in exchange for sex.…

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Shows I’ve been watching


Just finished watching “Damages” and… I have to say it was really interesting to me from a social perspective as well as a story telling perspective. It kind of spoiles the end for you, so it would be like, episode one: SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE and then you have to figure out what led up to that and if what we saw was actually literally Snape killing Dumbledore or if it was someone else or if…

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